Diamond Professional Pool Table – 7, 8, 9, or 10 Foot Tables


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Diamond Professional Pool Table – 7, 8, 9, or 10 Foot Tables

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The Valley Billiard’s Diamond Professional is the most popular home table with its precision fitting frame and state-of-the-art wedge leveling system. Developed by professional players with skilled engineers and designers.  The Diamond Professional meets or exceeds the Billiard Congress of America specifications. The Diamond Professional is used at major sanctioned tournaments across the United States. Performance engineered to provide exceptional playability in both commercial and home use.


  1. Slate
    • 7 foot, 8 foot, and 9 foot uses 30mm Brazilian slate precision machined top and bottom. Slate supported by massive 5″ beams of Timber Stand LSL (laminated strand lumber).
  2. Cloth – Simonis 860 Tournament Grade
    • Available in an assortment of colors
  3. Rails
    • Available in Oak with 5 stains choices and Black PRC. To completely understand the difference and benefits of each, please call Manning to discuss in detail. Four 3/8″ bolts lock slate to each rail for solid, immovable performance. Diamond inlaid sights are 3 11/16″ from the tip of the rubber to the center of the diamond and perfectly matched. The rail top is rounded to allow better rail shots and 7¼ wide (rubber to the edge of rail) for a stable bridge hand. NO metal ornamentation to catch on clothing or damage cues.
  4. Cushions
    • Tour-specified K-55 profile offers quick response. An additional ¼” top rail backing wood has been engineered between the cushion and the feather strip channel to provide consistent rail speed. 7 & 8ft tables feature Black Diamond Rubber, while the 9ft tables feature Artemis Rubber for the increased play surface length and width.
  5. Pockets
    • Patent pending bi-level design is flush to the rail. Shooting out of the pocket is just as easy as shooting off the rail. Each leather basket holds 9 balls. The leather pockets will never scuff and are engineered for the rapid ball drop.
  6. Skirts
    • Furniture finished solid hardwoods. The inclined design offers player comfort even when bending.
  7. Pedestals
    • Twelve 3/8″ x 7″ bolts anchor the pedestals to the frame eliminating movement.
  8. Feet
    • Brass, aluminum, or leveling block style. Features built-in no lift leveling system requires only one person to adjust. A twist of a wrench or screwdriver adjusts each corner in seconds.


9′ DIMENSIONS: (Exterior 114″ X 64″ X 32″ ) (Play Area 50″ X 100″ )  WEIGHT: 1200LBS

8′ DIMENSIONS: (Exterior 104″ X 59″ X 32″) (Play Area 45″ X 90″) WEIGHT: 1000LBS

7′ DIMENSIONS: (Exterior 94″ X 54″ X 32″) (Play Area 40″ X 80″) WEIGHT: 800LBS


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Diamond Professional Pool Table

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